Rosary Repair $22.00


Cost $22.00
I have an amazing collection of old rosaries; both heirloom well-prayed family rosaries and prayer beads that others have handed off to me because they are in pieces and sections with parts missing. Many rosaries I’ve received or purchased are put back together with other rosaries and the beads are all mismatched. I have repaired many and they hang in my collection and remind me to say a quick prayer for those in crises or just in need of a few extra prayers. Sometimes, I just stand there touching the beads and feel the warmth of love and grace wrapping His arms around me.

If you have all the beads (53 Hail of Mary and 6 Our father), the center and the crucifix but the chains, eye pins, and wires are coming apart, please contact me. You will need to send me all the pieces you have (even the broken chains, loops and wires and loose beads). Also be sure to include your name, address, phone number and email so that I can contact you if I have questions. I will keep you updated on the progress of your rosary. Please plan on 2 weeks repair time

If Beads Are Missing: Before placing an order, please contact me through my E-mail and let me know what is missing from your rosary. I may have a replacement bead from one of the vintage rosaries that are in pieces in my collection, but I may not have any replacement at all. Let’s compare notes and see what I can do to help you out. If you have a picture you can send to me that would be perfect!

Note for High-End Rosaries: If your rosary is made with sterling silver or gold wires, loops, chains, etc. Please email me before purchasing this repair ticket. Cost to replace these items depends on where the market is at when I have to purchase new sections. You would have to pay extra for these parts at the time of your order. Please plan on 3 to 4 weeks for the repair of a High-End Rosary.

Payment of $22.00, in full, is needed for repairs to be made.

In the USA, return shipping is free.

If you are outside of the USA, I will be happy to repair your rosary but you will need to pay for return shipping and handling.

I will repair the Rosary as closely as I can to match the existing chain and/or eye pins, but please note, if you are sending a vintage rosary, new wires may still look new against your vintage rosary.

If all chains and eye pins are weak and need to be replaced, and you like this option, I am more than happy to repair your rosary in this way. I will supply and use heavy duty eye pins and chain to repair the rosary to prime condition and will match as closely to color as the original pins and chains.

I cannot repair broken Crucifixes or center Medallions, but I can replace them for an additional charge for the part. I have many to choose from and may have the same one that is broken.

So How Is This Done; Read On For More Information.....

Cost $22.00

Thinking about repairs, but still unsure:

Send an e-mail with your questions

Send 3 to 5 pictures of your rosary.  These photos will let me know what is missing and if I can repair it.


After we email and I see the photographs of the rosary, you will make a purchase with the “Buy Now” button here on this page.   Then I will send you my mailing address.  You pay to send your rosary out to me.  USPS is probably the best way to send. 

When sending out I highly recommend that you wrap your rosary in something to protect it, and then put it inside of a Ziploc baggy with your name, address, and phone number inside of the bag.  This is just in case your rosary gets displaced from the packaging.


When sending a rosary or set of prayer beads for repair; I request that you take 3 to 5 pictures of the beads, wires, crucifix and medallion before you send the whole set.  I will need a copy of the pictures sent to my email address so that I know better what the repair needs are, plus this gives you a photograph of the rosary for before and after repairs.

I stay in contact with you before, during and after repairing any rosaries or prayer beads.  If I have a question about a replacement part, I ask you first and allow you to make the decision; for example, if I have a bead that is very similar, but not quite the same one, I will ask you before using the bead as a replacement.


Rosaries sent for repair are returned within 2 to 3 weeks after I receive the order, but time always depends on how many orders are ahead of yours.  I will notify you when I am returning your order.


When Rosary or Prayer Beads are repaired, I send them USPS, but there is not a return shipping fee (inside the USA only).  I will pay the return postage as a courtesy for your doing business with me; however, when you send your Rosary or Prayer Beads to me for repairs, you pay the postage. 


When you send “HIGH-END” (expensive) orders for repair, I highly recommend that you insure your package for an appropriate amount.  I will insure the package when I return it to you.

If you are requesting a custom made high-end rosary, it will be insured when it is mailed out to you so note that the shipping and handling fee for your package might be higher on a high-end rosary.

High-End Rosaries and Prayer Beads will be sent with a confirmation notice which means you will have to sign for it.

Cost for regular Rosary Repair is $22.00.  Additional charges will apply if you need a new crucifix or center medallion or special order bead of some kind.  Or if your rosary requires sterling or gold parts.  We discuss this before you click on the Buy Now button.

Cost $22.00

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