Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Lot of Traditional Goes Modern

Lately I've been working on one-decade rosaries...going for a little simplicity and then my creative brain kicks into gear and I end up taking the traditional one-decade and adding a modern twist to its design.

The one addition I made was to add a prayer box to some of my new designs.  Here I picked a non- traditional cross that came in this jazzed up color scheme, and added the traditional beads; the Our Father, Ten Hail of Mary beads, and for the center I chose to attach a "Mary" bead inside of another bead using a fancy headpin.  Since the headpin came with an open loop at the top, I decided this rosary needed a little more bling and added the prayer box.  Having loved this idea, I continued to create more with similar shape and form.

On this one; the cross and beads differ; I added more chain length and using these chunky decorative headpins at the top and the bottom of the rosary.  Again the headpins had the added open loops.  Another prayer box was in order, but what could go on the other end...and so I thought about the design and what I might like in a one-decade rosary.  My prayers often consist of praying for another person, dedicating  the rosary to someone who needs the extra prayers.  Yes, it's a little picture frame added to the other end.  What could be more meaningful and beautiful than to write down a little prayer and put it in the box, then add the persons picture at the other end.  It serves as a good reminder that there is someone special in need of a few prayers.  Of course as one persons needs are being met, another picture and a written prayer of their need can be placed in the rosary.

I knew I couldn't keep making the same rosaries though and decided to go with another eye catching design....

 Here I've added different headpins to the rosary and kept the rosary pretty much in a traditional design.  I love the chunky cross on this one and added a smaller cross for the Our Father bead.  These are all made in a Native American colors; however, not quite being ready for the "big time," I still need to keep my funds in perspective and went with a Turquoise dyed Howlite for the beads. 

I love traditional ideas, but being stuck with this urge to create, there are times when I need to put a modern twist on things.   Don't get me wrong; mostly, I am a traditional sort of person and love the simplicity of traditional furniture and home design.  But I do part from this once in awhile and I have to say; I love the new designs and find that I need to just kick it up a notch and create things a little differently.

All of these rosaries can be found at my Etsy shop, Angelina's Trinkets - Praying with Beads.

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