Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Rosary Bracelet

This last week has been dedicated to making rosary bracelets.  A rosary bracelet typically consists of a single decade (10 Hail of Mary Beads), a Pater (Our Father) bead, a Crucifix and a Medal. I decided to start with the clear and white Swarovski crystals that I have on hand – Although wearing a rosary bracelet is not supposed to be a fashion statement; I don’t think it hurts to bring some added color or ornate designs into one’s life.  With that said, next week I will add to the bracelet collection some new colors in blue, green, pink and dark purple.  Here I have pictured two rosary bracelets that I have listed in my Etsy shop.  As for me, there are several reasons why I enjoy wearing a rosary bracelet, here I will just name a few.  
Swarovski Crystal Rosary Bracelet - Alexandrite June's Birthstone
The first reason; I can simply touch the beads and say a simple prayer while waiting in line at the store, bank, theatre, or what have you…or heaven forbid, in a moment of frustration and impatience with a slow line.  It’s good for me to take a moment to pause, pray, and begin again. It kicks my Type “A” personality into ‘time out’ for a bit and allows me to step back and stay in a positive mode.

Secondly, when I make a rosary bracelet, I always consider if it will move easily around the person’s wrist….this is the other thing I love in a prayer bracelet…the ease of movement when fingering the beads.  Because I appreciate this in a rosary bracelet, I usually make them to fit a little loose on the wrist.
Although there are many wonderful reasons to wear a rosary bracelet; one thing is for certain, the bracelets come in all shapes and sizes.  They can fit snuggly or loosely on your wrist, depending on how you like to wear one and they come in a variety of colors to match what you are wearing. 
However, my number one reason for loving this kind of rosary, it is easy to carry with me when I am out and about. I don’t have to fish around inside my jumbled purse trying to remember which zipper pocket I put my standard rosary in. I can easily reach over to my wrist and recite a few prayers, or just meditate a quiet moment. 
I will be posting new bracelets to the Praying with Beads Etsy shop this weekend.  Please stop by and take a look.  You can even stop back by here and leave me some positive notes, or share your positive incites with the rosary.   
Swarovski Crystal Rosary Bracelet - Sunflower

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