Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Assemblage Necklace from an eBay Lot

I am a rosary collector; however, I also collect bits and pieces of broken rosaries and jewelry and enjoy placing bids on the broken "LOTS" you will often see posted on eBay.  My husband might say I am a junk collector, but one walks into my studio and the drawers of assemblage pieces, and organizer boxes of beads are total 'eye' candy for a person that needs to keep their creative brain busy. 

I love pulling the drawers out; discovering little item I forgot I purchased (or found).  To go in search of just the right trinket for a center piece and then continue the hunt for more little pieces that will pull the whole assemblage  together into a nice vintage looking necklace. 

Sometimes when a package of broken items arrives; I just pull from what is there.  Like the assemblage necklace below; all the little trinkets were in the same lot and I set my sights on what was there and what I could do with it.

Assemblage Necklace
Not only does this keep me from pulling drawers and boxes out and setting them all over the studio tables and floor, but it keeps me from straying away from the piece in search of one item after another.

First I took all the items from the box and laid them out Then I  pulled the old wires from most of the sections and separated all the beads, caps, chains, etc. into piles.  From  there I was able to lay out the necklace (several times) until I discovered an idea that worked well and came together nicely. 

However, not quite satisfied, I finally pulled out some tiny glass gold and black beads and used these to bookend the blue beads.  It was just what the necklace needed to give it some definition and a little more energy. 

I am loving the assemblage idea more and more and find myself with sketchbook in hand, making little drawings and writing down ideas for the next necklace I would like to put together.  It was great to 'pen myself' in to just using the eBay LOT - even though I searched out a few extras to add to it, this proved a fun way to stay on track and fortunately, kept my studio neat and tidy. 

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