Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Items put in My Etsy shop at Praying with Beads

Hello Fellow Bloggers! 

I thought I'd share with you a few items I added to the Praying with Beads Etsy shop over the weekend.
Heart Line Bear Native American Prayer Beads
The Heart Line Bear is the pendant I chose for this set of prayer beads. The symbol of the Heartline was to signify life force. It represent the breath as the life force of the animal. The heartline is the inlaid shape of an arrow. This arrow is known as the lifeline or heart line which begins at the mouth where breathe gives life and points to the spirit where faith and inner strength reside. In native american cultures, the bear and the symbol signify that the warriors heart is strong like that of the bear.

The beads are made of Mosaic Turquiose which has the appeal of turquoise; however, this is a chalk turquoise and magnesite assembled together, dyed and stailized with resin which improves the luster.

This set of prayer beads are set up like Anglican Prayer Beads which has four Cruciform beads which represent the cross, four sets of seven days of the week beads, 1 large inventory bead and the Heartline Bear Symbol.

Below:  I chose the American Eagle as the pendant for this set of Prayer Beards.  The Native Americans consider the bald eagle and the golden eagle to be sacred. Eagles are the highest flying birds and they were seen to be nearer to the Creator. The Eagle symbol signifies courage, wisdom and strength. The eagle was believed to carry our prayers to the Great Spirit.

The eagle is a majestic bird and one of my favorites. Every time I catch a glimpse of one in a tree top or gliding across the sky, have to stop and watch...it comes as a blessing to me.

American Eagle Prayer Beads
I have also posted new Swarovski Crystal Rosaries to the site.  I love working with these pretty glittering beads.  They shine like little diamonds and as I work on a each decade, the glimmer grows and shines beneath the work lamp on my desk.  The other thing I love about using these in a rosary is how they feel in the hands; cupped in the palms, they are a delightful bead to touch and hold.  They are smooth between the fingers and so easy to use when reciting the rosary. 
These two rosaries are Birthstone Rosaries;  the blue is the September Sapphire.  The sapphire is said to represent truth and loyalty; to wear a sapphire shows devotion and faithfulness.  Not that you would wear this hand held rosary.  But it is always interesting to note what the gemstones meaning and symbolism are.  As for the next rosary; this is June's Birthstone - Alexandrite.  June has two other birthstones; the moonstone and the pearl.  Alexandrite is associated with good luck. It is believed to strengthen the intuition and creativity of the wearer. Alexandrite it believed to create balance between the physical and spiritual world. 

I will let you decide whether any of these myths and lore are fact or fiction about these gemstones.  I just like to read the stories about them and share a few little tidbits of the information.

Well, I hope you'll stop by my shop. I posted 14 new items over the weekend.  Even some vintage (1950"s) children's missals and prayer books and a couple of vintage necklaces.

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