Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Big Changes Coming to this Blog....

Since my father passed away a month ago; big changes are occurring in my life.  I miss my dad dearly in these early weeks after his death and cannot imagine this will change in the future.

My life though is mysteriously moving in a new direction; although I continue with my artistic endeavors such as painting, sewing and crafting...I am led toward a new goal and have opened up a shop called, Praying with Beads.

While the old shops, Angelina's Trinkets and Angela Thoma Studio's will close by the end of this month, a new door has opened since the Praying with Beads shop has opened.  Here I will be repairing old rosaries and creating new rosaries, prayer beads, chaplets, jewelry, assemblage pieces and charms.  Later I will be adding vintage rosaries, jewelry, medals, crucifixes, crosses, and other vintage religious items.  Mom is even on board to help me create a few new things which will keep us busy over the course of this new year in both our lives. 

In this blog it will be my goal to share with you on a weekly basis; my rosary repairs, some rosary making ideas, newly created items that I will be posting to the Etsy shop, assemblage necklace pieces, finds at estate sales and interesting places I visit. There are so many other avenues opening up right now that I just have to place them into the "long term goals" area of my Business Plan.  But you will be the first to know when I post to the blog.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the new post.

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