Monday, October 17, 2011

Through the Rabbit Hole ~ Tuesday's Workshop at Art and Soul

On Tuesday of Art and Soul I attended a workshop called, 'Through the Rabbit Hole,' with Ingrid Dijkers.  Wow, what a wonderful surprise of journal books she had on display.  Oh you must visit her site and see all the beautiful and fun artwork Ingrid has done with these fascinating books. 

Now I have to say; Ingrid was absolutely awesome and her class was a thrill to be a part of.  She gave us tons of tips for painting the pages with bright eye-inspiring colors - adding great highlights and shadowing in all the right places.  It was hard not to feel as if I were Alice as I went from one page to the next; thinking, dreaming and wondering just how all my pages would eventually turn out.  How would I paint them, what images would I use, what fun ideas would I get to journal about once I completed the book. 
Angela with Ingrid Dijkers
Working on the Pages of My Rabbit Hole Book
I did get a number of my pages painted, as you can see here, this page is left blank in the middle and you can see where I will eventually cut out the center (after I apply the image).   Others were busy working on their pages as well. 

It was great to get out the acrylics and just start playing with lots of colors and knowing I had at least 10 8X8" pages left me plenty of room to paint freely and not worry about how each page looked at the very beginning.  I knew later we would apply the images and then I would get down to shading and highlighting so my book would feel like they were actually falling down the rabbit hole. 
Here you can see all the fun art supplies at this table.  But their's wasn't the only one like this -
We all had our supplies spread out and filling the tables from one end to the other.
At home now, with my studio cleaned and organized once again - I am still working on my Rabbit Hole book.  I will finish it as it's a project like the Embroidered Birds, one that keeps my brain buzzing with creative activity.  Here's what I have finished so far....

I really recommend that you take a look at Ingrid Dijkers website and check out the Journals she has created as well as the rest of her site.  You will be amazed at the awe-inspiring art and your creative juices will begin filling your brain with all kinds of wonderful ideas.  For me, I will keep working and as I finish a page or two, I'll post to the blog so you can see how the journal is going.

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