Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thread Painted Love Birds - Finished Project from Art and Soul

My first class at Art and Soul was with Janne Robberstad.  As I stated a few days ago in my blog post, I took her class to learn more about free-style machine embroidery and I so want to make the colorful bird motif she had listed at Art and Soul.   I have to brag on her just a bit as she is such an awesome teacher with a delightful personality.  I really enjoyed her class and would definitely take another one in the future.  Janne taught us a lot about free-style machine embroidery and her work is just amazing.  Take a look at her website and you will see what I mean. 

So my birds were not finished at Art and Soul as I had hoped they would be, but that's because I had a lot to learn about seeing all the colors in an image so that I could create the picture onto fabric.  On Friday I worked most of the afternoon on finishing the embroidered birds.  This kind of free-style embroidery is certainly a lot of fun, but trying to go from an image to thread painting was difficult for me.  I really have to stop and look at all the different colors involved.  Remember a few days ago I said I had wanted to turn the bird motif into a card for my husband.  well here's the results and the process I used to apply the birds to a card.
Finished Sewing the Love Birds
Now that the birds were finished;  it was time to find the right items to make the card.  I had an idea in my head, but first I had to pull all the materials together and see what idea might work the best.  Finding the little fir branch was easy, we had a wind the other day that dropped fall leaves to the ground and a perfect branch for me to use in my "Thank You."
All the Parts for the Card
I used card stock as my main paper and applied a textured handmade-like paper to the front of the card with soft gel.  I figured out where I wanted the birds to sit on the card and then put in 4 rivets.  After the card dried, I used a small guage wire to wire the branch onto the front of the card using the rivets.  I secured the wire to the inside of the card with a nice cotton tape (used for medical purposes).  This tape helps seal the wire down and it doesn't seem to poke through the cardstock.
Their Little Feet on a Small Fir Branch
The feet of the bird are wires wrapped with floral tape (learned this in another class) and then painted. After they dried I sealed them with a soft gel to glue the floral tape securely.  I added them to the branch and then used more cotton tape to hold the legs in place and covered the area with soft gel.  I applied the soft gel to the back of the birds as well.  I put the birds down on the cardstock and used a piece of wax paper to push the birds firmly in place.  Because of the weight of the birds, I had to hold the base section in place for a while to get the embroidery to fit snuggly around the legs.
Card is Made
On the inside of the card, I use a heavy printed cardstock to cover the wire and to provide a nice space for words and a perfect place to write my little thank you note.  Here I used a preprinted 'thank you' and a flower embellishment.
Inside Thank You
After I wrote a nice thank you note; I presented the card to my husband (before it was even dry) and I have to say, he was very pleased with the results.  His smile and heartfelt expressions made me feel like a million bucks. 

I am so glad to have finished up the embroidered birds.  If I had left them as a UFO (unfinished object) it would have really bugged me...not that I don't have several dozen ufo's on the shelves, but this one was important as I had an idea in my brain that just wouldn't sit quietly.

Be on the look out in a few days for some information on the next class I went to while at Art and Soul...It's a UFO right now, but that's okay as it will take some time to finish it up.  I can't wait to give you the link to the teacher.  You will be amazed with her work. In the meantime, visit Janne's web page and enjoy all the art and interesting tabs to visit. 

Best Wishes,


spindelmaker said...

Thank you so much for all your kind words! It was such a pleasure meeting you and your sister, helping you with the love-birds-process. They look just SO awesome now that they´re done! Wow! You really got the hang of the 3D-effect. And what a great idea to use them on a card. It´s a pretty exclusive card, so I do hope your husband appreciated it! ;-)
Take care, and keep on ARTing!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see the love birds as a finished embroidered card. What an amazing idea! It was wonderful to share our first experience of Art and Soul together and to have in our collective memories this fun class and this very special teacher. Love from your Washington State Sister.

Scattered Leaves said...

Wow, the love birds are beautiful and what a wonderful idea to put them on a card for your hubby. I popped over from Janne's blog to check them out.