Friday, October 21, 2011

Art and Soul - Wednesday was Shabby Chic Birds

On Wednesday of Art and Soul I attended the workshop, Shabby Chic Birds, with Susan Bates-Bezek. Susan really makes her birds delightful and charming with all the sparkle of glitter and jewels.    Below are just a few of the birds she brought to share.  Susan is extremely talented, with a love for creating in fabric beautiful pieces of art.  She has been teaching at Art and Soul for many years.

It was great fun to see our own birds developing too.  The two ladies below are creating crows.

My bird began with a coat of acrylic paint - later I'll apply some glitter to match this color of blue.  Here he is before getting his wings applied and as you can see, his legs are drying at the edge of the table. 

Not having finished much past this stage since the legs and body of the bird had to dry, I later applied glitter to him up in my room at the Embassy Suites Hotel where he sat unattended for the remainder of the week...without his legs and eyes.  After I got home, I took a picture of my roughed up little blue bird.  He apparently had a long ride home in my suit case.  But I installed his legs so that he could begin standing on his 'own two feet.'

Knowing that I went to Art and Soul with the full intent of finishing each of my projects, I began working on King Blue Bird by first naming him and then applying another two layers of glitter all the way around the top and the bottom.  As he dried, I pulled out trinkets and jewels that I thought would be fitting, repainted his legs and beak and finally giving him some little beaded eyes.  Below is the completed bird. 

Here my grand cat, Sen, takes a good look at King Blue Bird.  A little lick of the glitter and she decided he wasn't going to be so tasty after all.

I hope you've enjoyed this segment of my trip to Art and Soul.  I am pleased with my results, but will continue to consider where I will place him in the house.  Perhaps he will end up on his own stand in a place quite secure from curious cats.

Best Wishes,

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