Sunday, December 12, 2010

When a Nightmare Makes Life Easier

I spent our 25th Wedding Anniversary with the flu. It wasn't what we had planned for at was supposed to be one of those days where we go out and just have a great day together, have a nice dinner and come home. Unfortunately, the flu sent me to bed where I ended up sleeping for 22 hours out of 24. In those nightmarish states of sleeping with the flu I kept dreaming over and over again how impossible it was to keep up with all the different sites I have for my Trinkets Business. I'd find myself landing on one site only to discover that everything was all messed up. I'd spend time, over and over again cleaning it up, refigure all the shipping costs and figure out where all my items went. Then I'd hop off to the next site and discover all the same things went wrong at that site too. Sleeping with the flu is like trying to sleep with rattle snakes. It just can't be done comfortably and it feels like a nightmare.

As I got to feeling better; I thought a lot about those strange dreams and decided that in many ways, they were a movie reel of my life. I knew being sick would make it impossible to get back in the swing of keeping up with the different sites, the billing statements, the bids, checking in, doing a bit of advertising - you know, all the things one tries to do to produce a bit of income from their little shops on the web. Really the nightmares were not so far off in how I felt about having too many irons in the fire.

A few days later when wellness finally came...I began the journey of eliminating all but one web shop and I decided I would maintain an eBay page and use it when it is free to post items. I removed products from the closing shops all over to the original Angelina's Trinkets at Etsy where I reorganized, cleaned things up, refigured all the shipping and fished around in my computer for the pictures I needed to post to the new page.

Well, it was no small task; it took several days to do this and several more to close the sites down completely. Now two weeks past those fretful nightmares, my life is actually grown much easier and far more productive with my Trinkets business. I feel like a huge weight was lifted, making the business much easier to work with and a whole lot more fun again. I have more time to play in the creative process, more time to take photographs of the products and my Etsy page is set up to work more efficiently which in turn, makes posting new items a breeze.

I wondered why I should write about this and more; why should I post it? I suppose it's because I learned something about myself while I was sick; that I need to take better care of me, and I need to stop and listen to the wee small voice that has something it wants me to hear. That small voice is usually right on target with what I need to do each day. It knew I needed to make more time for myself, more time for creativity, more time to enjoy each day. Having my own business is my big dream....I love it when dreams come true, but who would ever dream that nightmares could make a person's life so much easier.

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