Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Best Decision

I have a confession to make; I play Farmville and Cityville. These are games that I play when I go check my Facebook page. The problem is, I play three or four times a day for at least hour each occasion, sometimes longer depending on what I stand to gain by gathering more items from friends and family. It’s become an addiction and I no longer relish the fun of just playing when I have a bit of down time.

So decision time has come; a New Year will arrive in 4 days and it is time to let the games go. This year I want to have more time creating, making collage art and putting a larger emphasis into my Trinkets site. During down time, I want to converse with my husband and go to visit family. I never dreamed it would be this difficult to drop the games, but on the other hand, I never dreamed I would donate this much of my time to a game of building a farm or a city.

I’m glad I made this pronouncement. I’m happy to be moving beyond the games and moving more toward my life goals to take pleasure in arts, crafts, and workshops. Maybe this year I will get back to doing vendor shows where I can enjoy the social atmosphere of being around other crafters/artists and the sharing of ideas.

Here’s to a New Year, New Fun, and New Ideas without being stuck in gameville.


Victoria said...

Good Luck to you with that, I did the cafe thing on fb for a while, so I know how much time can be spent playing them and how hard it can be to stop! I commend you for letting the world {or us followers of your blog!} know. ~~ That will help keep you accountable! I know that my husband always asks if I "got sucked in" again, whenever I spend more than a few minutes on the computer! But, I now get sucked into looking at blogs, not fixing meals for my cafe!
Happy Prosperous, Game-Free, New Year to you!

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Thanks Victoria,

I really do have to be accountable; otherwise I'll just start playing again. I'm so tired of spending quality time stuck like glue to fb games. I'll be great to be free of them. I keep thinking of all the hours I've spend over the last year - wow, incredible!

Have a Happy New Year!