Monday, September 27, 2010

Sew Inspired

This morning I finally had the opportunity to open up my new Quilting Arts magazine. Instead of flipping through the pages and setting it aside to read in the evening; I sat down at my computer and read the article by Susan Brubaker Knapp, Focus on Pattern. What an inspiration it was and so refreshing to think about all the patterns surrounding us each day.

I glanced around the room; the squares and stripes on the throw rugs, the random shapes and squiggles on the wood floors, the tapestry surrounding an Angel print of a little girl that so reminds me of my brown-haired daughter. Patterns are everywhere and if you are like me and love all the eye candy in fabrics, you probably have quite a few fat quarters stacking up around your fabric stash.

For me, the article filled me with a deep inspiration to take a walk to discover patterns in nature. I knew this wouldn’t be a difficult thing to do since I am such a visual person anyway…I can find patterns, textures and a sense of well-being in just about anything I sit and observe for a few minutes. What is it that we see in the sunrise sending white rays across the blue morning sky, in the crisscross of grass blades with dots of dew balancing on their tiny tips, or in the little birds chatting and flitting through the firs?

My husband will tell you that I talk too much and that he wonders where and how I can discover any more information to share with him. But I still chatter about the pattern of a bird’s wing, how the sun creates stripes across the sky, and my never ending question-like observations, “How does a round drop of dew stand of the tip of a blade of grass without rolling off?”

So as you can see, I chattered us all off topic. What I wanted to tell you was the inspiration that stuck with my muse today was how I need to take my love of patterns and intricate designs in nature and transfer them onto fabric. I have been thread painting lately; making 5x7” postcards and birthday greetings for people. I haven’t accomplished anything great, but I have found a new love in this idea of dropping the feed dogs and letting my hands float along on fabric. The color of threads is awesome when it all begins blending into little abstracts or pictures.

What will you make this week? What pattern will inspire you to create a 5x7” postcard?

Please feel free to post a picture your thread painted artwork in the photos here at Angelina’s Trinkets and Creatives on Facebook. Remember to put your name with the caption. If you are not a Facebook member and would like to share with us, please post a comment at Angelina’s Trinkets blog with a link back to your thread painting.

Enjoy the week!

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