Sunday, July 04, 2010

I'm a Guest Artist....

How delighted I am to share with you that Cindy Adkins asked me to be a guest artist at her blog, I Owe it All to Him.

It's funny how things happen; when Cindy stopped by to invite me over for a look at her blog and asked if I would like to be a guest artist...I had earlier in the day ran into an old friend who began asking me about where my kids are now and how they're all doing.

I related to her that three of our sons were all recently in Iraq together, one has since come home, and soon our daughter will deploy to another country. I also noted to my friend that we had a daughter-in-law in Iraq years ago and another daughter-in-law is now in the army.

She went on to ask me, "How do you deal with all the deployments and having your children in a war zone? How do you stay sane?" I said, "You know, this is our 7th deployment through Iraq. We've had children in Iraq since shortly after 9/11 and have had very little breaks in between the deployments." I went on to say, "But you know, "I Owe it All to Him," I say hundreds of tiny prayers every single day." My friend thought I was kidding and I told her again that I actually had to teach myself to fully Trust in God and allow Him to lead me through each and every deployment...and in doing this I learned to pray constantly.

The truth is, I would not have made it through that very first deployment if I hadn't learned that I could actually fully Trust in the Lord to see me through and Trust that He would keep a watchful eye over them. The first 6 months, I cried every night and rarely slept without feeling terrified for our son that was there. My retired military husband tried to give me some comfort, but I was too unwilling to let go of my fear and worry. I kept the news on 24/7 and when fear kept me awake, I watched the news and kept vigil over every single word and news flash. Finally, I had a breaking point and in a heart wrenching moment of sobbing; I heard the words, "You have to Trust in Me!"

It was that point that I prayed and turned it all over to God and I have done this since that time. There are hundreds of little prayers that cross my lips throughout each and every day. In this I have found hundreds of wonderful little blessings each day; in a simple yet complex flower growing through a crack in the side walk, the little bird that sings in the tall firs, the rain drop on the window that catches a sun ray and sparkles like a rainbow againt the wall...and of course family blessings that I am thankful for many times over.

So the funny thing was that I had early told my friend, "I Owe it All to Him," and then to hear from just seemed to come full circle and for this I am dearly greatful.

Thank you Cindy for including me in your beautifully written words and for using one of my baskets as part of the writing. This was all such a delight and all a wonderful blessing.

Angelina (Angela)


Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Angela...this is so beautiful, I'm in tears! Wow--what a story...I feel like God put us together for a reason...I think it was for us both to hear that we really do Owe it All to Him!

In February, I was faced with a personal problem that came about overnight...It was as if my entire world turned upside down and ALL I could do was pray and ask for God to get me through it...

Women in my prayer group prayed every day...I know that without Him, everything would not have worked out...but, miraculously, it did!

So, I know exactly what you mean...Sometimes in life things are so beyond our own control that we have to surrender and let the Lord take over and "make the crooked places straight."

I pray for his blessing upon your children and thank them for their service to our country...

Oh and one more thing...After going through what I went through earlier in the year, I thought I was so fortunate to have people to pray with me...I even went to people that I knew were so faithful and asked them on the spot if they minded saying a prayer with me...(I've never done that in my life!)

But, anyway, that's when I thought it would be great to have a prayer blog so if someone needs a prayer, they KNOW someone is there praying for them...

Sorry to go on for so long, but your letter really touched me...I feel like we were both just given the "green light" that the Lord hears us and is mindful of even the smallest sentences out of our mouths...

Anonymous said...

Hello Angelina, I came over from Cindy's I owe it all to Him! I so enjoyed your post today, I tend to worry also and have learned exactly the same lessons, to pray at each thought and to turn it over to Him. I will add your children to my prayer list. Beautiful art work too!

Barbara Jean said...

Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us.

Trusting is easy for me, in some areas, and not so easy in others.
I think tha may mean I am normal.


barbara jean

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

I loved reading your post. It's really amazing how He gives us strength when we ask him for it. He gives us patience when we need it and reassurance when we are weak. All we need to do is ask. I came over from Cindy's blog, your basket is beautiful. God Bless.

Coleen said...

Hi Angela, found you through Cindy's blog. I too grew up with ponies and then horses. I miss them, but life is about other things now. I'm following here. Would love if you followed on my blog too.
Blessings, Coleen

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Angela,
Just popped over to say "hi" and hope you are doing well!