Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting Cozy with Pie Cozies

Here's some of the pie cozies I've been designing, sewing, and selling like crazy.

I have to say, the Pie Keepers (as I originally named them), really do keep a pie rather cozy. The one thing I really like about them is if you have the glass shelves in your refridgerator like I do, you can set the baked pie, still warm, into the cozy and then into the refridgerator. This has been great; before I was using the pot holders and then low and behold, I couldn't find the pot holder when I need it as I would leave it right on the shelve where the pie was sitting - why I tend to leave the pot holders in the fridge is truly a mystery to me.

I also like that I can set the pie(s) to cool right in the cozy while it sits on the counter. The pie cozy keeps the counter cool. I've even set my hot tea pot into the cozy when I couldn't find my trivet. And the most delightful thing I love about the cozies; they transport a pie fantastically! Just setting the covered pie into the cozy is good enough, but I like to put a thin kitchen towel or flour towel under the pie plate and flip the other half of the cloth up over the pie which helps to keep any dust particles from landing on the plastic wrap or foil I have put over the pie.

As I create more and more of them, I am coming up with better designs and ideas along the way. Most recently I discovered a new way to form and sew the handles so that they fold over onto the handles of the pie plate and keep the pie securely in the keeper.

It does make me feel good to know that others are delighting in my pie cozies and also passing them along as gifts. I can tell you from my own experience, a delicious pie in a pretty pie cozy gets a lot of attention; both for the pie (yum) and for the cozy surrounding it.

So with summer coming (probably not in Oregon as we are still getting rain in the valley and the snow level is low in the moutains), don't forget to dress your pies up for that special event, picnic, birthday or gathering.

Wishing you a delightful summer and happy gardening too!

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