Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aqua Sea Basket

I love how this one turned out. I would also like to say that I created all the bead work, but actually the beads were once two necklaces that I discovered at huge discount.

The second I saw the necklaces, the basket was being created in my mind. A few days later I went in search of the perfect material and quickly discovered this fantastic ocean like batik fabric and immediately fell in love.

I brought the fabric home, set it beside the necklaces and it wasn't long before I was wrapping the cotton cord and sewing the basket together.

Today, after many months of thinking and coming up with nothing, I finally gave this basket a name, 'Aqua Sea.' It reminds me of the ocean and the colorful fish that swim and dart in and out of the sea anenomes.

I think this basket would be perfect for displaying all on its own, but it would also be quite a pretty display with small glass floats.

This new basket will be posted to my new Etsy shop, "Angelina's Creative Spirit." Stop by and see what I've been creating.


Bevie said...

Angelina this basket is awesome, and I must have it...hehhee!! I just purchased to ceramic pieces in that same color, one a tall vase the other a good sized candle cradle...this would be awesome with them with eggs in it!!! Can't wait to visit your new Etsy shop!!! Blessings my friend!!!

Kath' said...

What a wonderful basket. It is so neat seeing all the talent people have in the world. I love this color as one of my favorites ever. Gorgeous job. Come join me on my blog and enter my contest if you'd like. Kath' at