Friday, May 30, 2008

The Most Beautiful Piece of Paper

In the mail yesterday, came one of the most beautiful papers a Mom could hope for, an eloquently written letter from one of my sons.

Kris lives in Kansas and although we talk to each other a couple times each week, this letter came as quite a surprise. Not only did he write in his beautifully poetic fashion, but on the front of the 5x8, textured art card was a painting he created of the ocean.

My heart nearly stopped as I took in the scene of my favortie place, the ocean, where it pulled me into the horizon with the waves cresting and the seagulls flying. I could image my bare feet buried into the cool sandy soil, the scent of the ocean wrapping around me like a fine leather glove around my hand, the breeze caressing my skin. My breathe caught in my throat - How awesome, I thought, that he took the time to create such a beautiful watercolor and then to write a lengthy letter on the back. Here is an exert of his writing, where he shares with me how awesome it will be when he brings his fiance out to Oregon this summer to show her the Pacific Coast...

"...the tranquility and beauty of white caps rushing in to take our sins away and carry our souls to our state of peace..."

He is my poetic son; he writes lyrics from deep within his heart and can quietly sing in perfect poetic motion as his fingers strum across the guitar - gently wrapping a sweet rythm in the air. From his very first word, he was gifted with the ability to form them into pictures, eloquently recreating the vision in another persons mind. Now I see that he also paints beautiful art which can draw one into his own vision of serenity.

My son knows me well, he recreated the place where my heart calls home, the ocean. The place I go to gather peace, to settle my inner core, to reclaim serenity.

Today I'll place this picture in a frame and hang it above my art table.

"Kris, you're so awesome. I love you, son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a beautiful work of art."


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