Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do You Ever Wonder What it Would Be Like

Do you ever wonder what it would be like...
If the snow were to come softly
On a warm summer day?

Would it feel nearly as delicious
As the sun does on a crisp fall afternoon?

Would it caress your bare skin,
Like the wind wrapping around you
In the high desert evening?

Would it make you feel as alive
As the huge raindrops quietly
Falling against your face?

If the snow were to come softly
On a warm summer day....
Would you dance among the crystal flakes?

- Angelina T
12 May 2007

The rain is here, with huge, thick drops falling one after another in pouring fashion. It shouldn't come as a big surprise to me (it rains in Oregon), but today it brings an unwelcome coldness to my bones.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am looking forward to the warm spring days; aching to put my fingers in the warming soil, take in the fresh scent of Mother Earth, drop in some vegetable plants, gently pat some seeds into the fertile loam , and watch my garden grow.

I was thinking when I woke up this morning that winter really doesn't need to last this long, then I heard on the evening news that there is snow falling in the Cascades. From my place on the earth, even a small east wind tends to bring the cold off the mountain where it seems to settle down around us in this little section of the foothills.

In November, I yearned for the scent of the snowfall drifting off the Cascades and when it came, I gloried in the wonder, marveled at the glistening mountains, and ached to feel the snow against my face...but now, the spring is coming and my yearnings begin stretching, hoping, begging for the warmth again.

Soon, the spring will come; the real spring, not just the date where it announces itself on the calendar and as it wears into a mild summer and turns into hot late August days; I will once again be yearning for the cool of fall, the scent of snow, and the rebirth of a new spring.



Susan said...

I, also, long for spring. Funny, just a few weeks ago, I wondered what it would be like if it snowed in the summer. As for the artist's block that you mentioned earlier, I find that if I do something that I know I do really well, it frees me up to be creative, that's why I have been drawing so much lately. Always remember to do what you love.
Susan K.

Dawn said...

Your poem is exquisite - it is so filled with so much hope and wishes. I loved it.
I hate the cold, give me sunshine any day. We haven't had snow here in England, I love to see it in postcards and pictures but hate having to venturing out in it - that is after I have made my 1st footprints in it lol.
Your words to me are wonderful, you express so well what you are thinking and that in my book is a true are blessed my friend x