Friday, March 21, 2008

Butterfly Angels Surrounding My Art Space

I'd like you to meet Hope and Intensity, my new Butterfly Angels.
Hope has beautiful Monarch wings and Intensity has a simple set of butterfly wings.

These girls are fun to create. What surprises me, each and every one of them turns out so differently. I love the process of creating a doll and how she devolopes her own personality along the way. I have dozens of ideas and some that I want to put into action this weekend. The sketch book is out and filling up with notes, mini sketches, and swatches of materials that I may or may not use in the creative process. But at least I'm getting organized well enough that I can come back to an idea and not have to push one stack of papers and items onto another stack of papers and more items (ha); my space is slowly getting a creative edge all its own. Amongst disorganization grows organization...anyway, the ideas are there and not forgotten somewhere in my head or on my art table and this is a far better way to go.

As for ART, I need to find a better way to paint the eyes, and mouth...and I'm thinking that I need to use translucents in order to get the effect I'm looking for. On both of these dolls I've used watercolor pencils for the lips and have painted in the eyes. One thing about the watercolor paints, it's easy to tone the color down if needed. It could be that I don't have a fine enough brush to get into the eyes with and this is easily solved with a sharp pair of scissors to trim a fine brush down even finer.

In a few other dolls that are just hanging around my creative space, their little glass bead eyes work out great, so I may go back to inserting the tiny beads as I love the look and the shine of the glass. It's almost as if their eyes follow me around the room, which can be good or bad, depending on if you get the eerie feeling that someone is watching you.

Well, I'm off to work on the next Butterfly Angel....or...she could take on a new form as I go and she could be something totally different. We'll see where she takes me in the process.

Happy Weekend,


Sabii Wabii said...

I recieved your cute atc card today! Thank you....
Can you do this doll in other colors by order?....I'm thinking red or crimson

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Hi Terisa,

I actually have one started in red, but I put a white faus fur on it and it has the total look of Christmas. Did you see the one I sold at my etsy shop, it was in a burgundy color. I will be making more this week; using suede (green and a blue) and will also see what I can come up with in the red or crimson department. I think if I add a black fur sleeve and hem then it would look more like I wanted it to look and not look like a doll ready for christmas. I am developing more and different shaped wings as well.

OPh I'm so glad you got the atc and that you like it. It's all digital but it was fun to create in the digital format.


ByLightOfMoon said...

Oh Angela, How you DID make my weekend. I received your Teddy Bear Trinket Cards over the weekend and glory be, Awesome! I had not expected anything, maybe I forgot or missed the offer, BUT, I am Smiling!

I adore them! I so wish I knew digital art but I am working on it. I am so behind in making anything right now. I am trying to straighten up my workspace and I have a zillion little thoughts in my head. I have fairies in my very much like your butterfly Angels. I have not figured out how to start with them, ie: heads and bodies, but when I sit down to start, it will come to me. I never know if advance what I will be making in detail, just a general thought. And then the touch of paper and fibers comes and it all pulls together. I just need some creative time. I am just going to have to set everything else aside and do it. Do what I love and yearn to do. My etsy is not even really a shoppe as I just have three things and have not added in a while. And they are the hat magnets ofrm the One World, One Heart giveaway. I had been making them for my brick and morter shoppe for Valentine's Day and it was perfect timing.

I did get my hands in the soil here in the South over the weekend. we had our concrete porch extended with a wood deck out into the yard and I saw lweftover soft ground. I had to go with it while it was soft. So I started digging. I replanted from pots my butterfly bush, two bamboo plants, horsetail, a new gerber daisy, some dianthis, and if fact, I am cold also. I just put just water on for a cup of hot tea.
Thank you Angela for being the spirit you are and for this blogging world how we found each other. I cherish our friendships. I will sip my tea and browse you etsy shoppe in awe, I am sure.
I wish I had more $ in my paypal account. But Later, smiles, cyndi/ByLightOfMoon

Susan said...

Hi, Just wanted to stop by and let you know I got my tag and ATC. Very Cute. Thanks so much.

Janet said...

Your butterflu angels are so cute! Do you make their faces with polymer clay? The blue one is my favorite even though lavender is my favorite color!

Kims Art said...

Thank you for stoping by and leaving such a nice comment. You made my day! I enjoyed reading your blog! Yes, the art doll's do take on their own life. I have been making them for twenty five years and it is always a thrill to see what they are going to be. I will add you as a link. Have a beautiful and creative day!