Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vintage Victorian Romance Charity Fan

This Fan Project was truly a lot of fun; not only in the creation but in the meeting of new online friends. There were five people in each group; each of us sharing one fan blade to create one of our own fans and one completed fan will be put into a Charity Auction. The fan pictured here is the one sent to Gale Blair of PaperWhimsy for the auction.

Each of the blades has an image from the PaperWhimsy website which now has a new forum. The forum is filled with wonderfully creative people and is chalk full of fun, as well as artistic projects. The environment at the site is remarkable; with friendly conversations and artistic support.

The delightful artists for this fan are: Patti, Carol, Mary Ann and Linda. Thank you all for working on and creating these little beauties. I've hung mine on the wall above my art table and I just love looking at it.


daydreamstudios said...

This is such a neat idea. It would make an interesting format to work on.
So glad you rec'd your journal and you like it.
Take care,

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Thanks Karla,

I do love the journal. It's just waiting for some clever sounding words to be written on the pages. The charity fan was a good project and I so much enjoyed working with everyone and seeing how the fan came together. Angelina

Sandra Evertson said...

This is really so Lovely!
Sandra Evertson