Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vintage Shopping - Time Creating

I have found myself strolling through several antique stores lately...but the most fun has been meandering through the Albany (Oregon) Antiques Mart. I spent some time there one day last week and wandered through again today, most likely trying to convince myself that I really need another jar of buttons mixed with tiny trinkets.

But really today I was shopping for more vintage items, (you know), time worn "trinkets;" I have this idea criss-crossing through my mind; an elegant necklace I want to create with antique findings using old brass, copper or gun metal colors with a smooth and worn finish. Do you ever get an idea in your head and it just keeps formulating and trying to express itself until you finally give in and go make a sketch of it, or if you fortunately have the right pieces (which I don't), you just start putting it all together.

Here's the usual scenario...

I dash off to my art table, it's a mess from the last project but I know exactly where everything is; I turn on my music, and I begin working...falling in tune with the spirit of the whole journey of creating. It becomes a rhythm with colors and textures melding together and piece by tiny piece it all begins looking like something wonderful. Time has been standing still and I am at peace. Life just feels good. I become so totally immersed in the textures, scents and quiet that I find....

Several hours later I'm emerging from my creative space with the piece finely tuned and I'm anxious to share it with someone, but I realize that all the lights are off in the house and everyone has actually gone to bed. "Hmmm, how can they sleep when I'm creating such a lovely work of art," I find myself thinking as I stand in the empty darkened hallway.

Then I hear it, the sound of an otter tail thundering against the walls of the hall; the sleeping people stir as if to wake and I begin thinking, should I let that thundering happy Chocolate Lab wake all these people up? Would they be all excited like the lab and rush out their doors to greet me with happy smiles on their faces or would I be doomed to the thundering sound of unhappy people rushing me in the dark hallway because I've truly disturbed their sleep.

I tell myself that it wouldn't be right to blame it all on Miss Cheyenne since she was the only one that waited to see my new creation. So we silently but quickly find our way toward the living room where I gracefully place the art in my hands and show it to my happy lab, my faithful art partner, my best friend. She gives me a giant lick across the face, wags her otter-like tail; then with a gentle loving pat on her head and a quick scratch behind the ears, she wanders over to her rug to fall asleep.

Art approved
Lab Stamp (lick) of Approval


Anja said...

That's a really lovely post.
You made me longing for those hours of creative peace, but with my little baby... it's impossible right now. Soon...
Thank you, I really enjoy reading your post.

daydreamstudios said...

So glad you found my "blog party".
Isn't it funny how dogs are ready in a split second to do whatever it is your going to do. Despite the fact that they were just blissfully asleep? Too funny.

I will be mailing your journal to you ASAP.

Susan said...

What an interesting post. I also forget that not everyone is anxiously awaiting my next creation. That's one reason I love to blog. Lots of folks there want to know what you have made. Remember, you always have us.
Susan K.

Sister Josephine said...

My Dearest Aunt,
I too have many wagging tails and work into the wee hours of the morn, do you suppose we learned this as children. I do hope some day we combine our talents and become a household name for stuff....
Love JoMarie