Friday, November 09, 2007

Mixed Media Lighthouse Collage

This collage was created using several layers of scrapbook papers, along with the use of acrylic paints, ink, and stickers.

The first layer actually had a rocky shore line and I just couldn't get past the idea that the beach wasn't availble to walk on, so once it dried, I collaged over it and created the sandy beach, adding a seagull and some shells in the corner.

The original lighthouse was larger then the one you see here. I really had to focus on recreating my perspective as I hadn't picked up a paint brush in many years.

The ocean is created with 3 different papers, torn and cut to fit together to soften the edges.

Although the grassy area was created with many papers, I ended up painting over some of the areas to give the picture the look I was trying for.

Then came those trees; wow, I had a time with my perspective here, but kept at it until it finally ended up the way it is now. I know, these are not coastal trees, but I was trying to give the picture the two places where I find solitude in my life; the ocean with it's brilliant beaches and magnificent waves, and the mountains with a place to sit below the fir trees on a hot summer day.

As I begin my next collage (a mountain theme), my future with the collages will be interesting as I have hopes to put them up for sale and see where it takes me as I set off on my new life adventures.


Anonymous said...

I hope you teach this art to me one day from your cohort in crime

Susan said...

Hello, I was checking out your blog because of the giveaway. I love this piece, thanks for sharing your technique.
Susan K.

Anonymous said...

Mom, Ive always said you were a great artist and when I saw this peice in person I was floored at how great this peice was, Ive always loved your art mom. the entire 25 nearly 26 years Ive been alive. I love you Mom, an artist of life.

love from your son

ByLightOfMoon said...

What beautiful comments you have already received here on your mountain collage. The Pacific Northwest is where my soul lives. You certainly have captured the feel of the wind and the sound of the surf and seagulls.

The lighthouse is perfect and I can smell the fir trees.

Beautiful work!
smiles, Cyndi/ByLightofMoon