Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Lot of Traditional Goes Modern

Lately I've been working on one-decade rosaries...going for a little simplicity and then my creative brain kicks into gear and I end up taking the traditional one-decade and adding a modern twist to its design.

The one addition I made was to add a prayer box to some of my new designs.  Here I picked a non- traditional cross that came in this jazzed up color scheme, and added the traditional beads; the Our Father, Ten Hail of Mary beads, and for the center I chose to attach a "Mary" bead inside of another bead using a fancy headpin.  Since the headpin came with an open loop at the top, I decided this rosary needed a little more bling and added the prayer box.  Having loved this idea, I continued to create more with similar shape and form.

On this one; the cross and beads differ; I added more chain length and using these chunky decorative headpins at the top and the bottom of the rosary.  Again the headpins had the added open loops.  Another prayer box was in order, but what could go on the other end...and so I thought about the design and what I might like in a one-decade rosary.  My prayers often consist of praying for another person, dedicating  the rosary to someone who needs the extra prayers.  Yes, it's a little picture frame added to the other end.  What could be more meaningful and beautiful than to write down a little prayer and put it in the box, then add the persons picture at the other end.  It serves as a good reminder that there is someone special in need of a few prayers.  Of course as one persons needs are being met, another picture and a written prayer of their need can be placed in the rosary.

I knew I couldn't keep making the same rosaries though and decided to go with another eye catching design....

 Here I've added different headpins to the rosary and kept the rosary pretty much in a traditional design.  I love the chunky cross on this one and added a smaller cross for the Our Father bead.  These are all made in a Native American colors; however, not quite being ready for the "big time," I still need to keep my funds in perspective and went with a Turquoise dyed Howlite for the beads. 

I love traditional ideas, but being stuck with this urge to create, there are times when I need to put a modern twist on things.   Don't get me wrong; mostly, I am a traditional sort of person and love the simplicity of traditional furniture and home design.  But I do part from this once in awhile and I have to say; I love the new designs and find that I need to just kick it up a notch and create things a little differently.

All of these rosaries can be found at my Etsy shop, Angelina's Trinkets - Praying with Beads.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Welcome Laszlo

Laszlo Ripley Bishop
I am very excited to tell you that we have a new grandchild.  Laszlo Ripley Bishop is just 4 days old here and is so precious.  He is a very welcome addition and is our seventh grandchild.  Not only that, he is the first boy born in 40 years on his daddy's side of the family so he has brought lots of excitement to every one of us. 

Welcome little Laszlo.  Grandmas loves you so very much. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Rosary Bracelet

This last week has been dedicated to making rosary bracelets.  A rosary bracelet typically consists of a single decade (10 Hail of Mary Beads), a Pater (Our Father) bead, a Crucifix and a Medal. I decided to start with the clear and white Swarovski crystals that I have on hand – Although wearing a rosary bracelet is not supposed to be a fashion statement; I don’t think it hurts to bring some added color or ornate designs into one’s life.  With that said, next week I will add to the bracelet collection some new colors in blue, green, pink and dark purple.  Here I have pictured two rosary bracelets that I have listed in my Etsy shop.  As for me, there are several reasons why I enjoy wearing a rosary bracelet, here I will just name a few.  
Swarovski Crystal Rosary Bracelet - Alexandrite June's Birthstone
The first reason; I can simply touch the beads and say a simple prayer while waiting in line at the store, bank, theatre, or what have you…or heaven forbid, in a moment of frustration and impatience with a slow line.  It’s good for me to take a moment to pause, pray, and begin again. It kicks my Type “A” personality into ‘time out’ for a bit and allows me to step back and stay in a positive mode.

Secondly, when I make a rosary bracelet, I always consider if it will move easily around the person’s wrist….this is the other thing I love in a prayer bracelet…the ease of movement when fingering the beads.  Because I appreciate this in a rosary bracelet, I usually make them to fit a little loose on the wrist.
Although there are many wonderful reasons to wear a rosary bracelet; one thing is for certain, the bracelets come in all shapes and sizes.  They can fit snuggly or loosely on your wrist, depending on how you like to wear one and they come in a variety of colors to match what you are wearing. 
However, my number one reason for loving this kind of rosary, it is easy to carry with me when I am out and about. I don’t have to fish around inside my jumbled purse trying to remember which zipper pocket I put my standard rosary in. I can easily reach over to my wrist and recite a few prayers, or just meditate a quiet moment. 
I will be posting new bracelets to the Praying with Beads Etsy shop this weekend.  Please stop by and take a look.  You can even stop back by here and leave me some positive notes, or share your positive incites with the rosary.   
Swarovski Crystal Rosary Bracelet - Sunflower

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Assemblage Necklace from an eBay Lot

I am a rosary collector; however, I also collect bits and pieces of broken rosaries and jewelry and enjoy placing bids on the broken "LOTS" you will often see posted on eBay.  My husband might say I am a junk collector, but one walks into my studio and the drawers of assemblage pieces, and organizer boxes of beads are total 'eye' candy for a person that needs to keep their creative brain busy. 

I love pulling the drawers out; discovering little item I forgot I purchased (or found).  To go in search of just the right trinket for a center piece and then continue the hunt for more little pieces that will pull the whole assemblage  together into a nice vintage looking necklace. 

Sometimes when a package of broken items arrives; I just pull from what is there.  Like the assemblage necklace below; all the little trinkets were in the same lot and I set my sights on what was there and what I could do with it.

Assemblage Necklace
Not only does this keep me from pulling drawers and boxes out and setting them all over the studio tables and floor, but it keeps me from straying away from the piece in search of one item after another.

First I took all the items from the box and laid them out Then I  pulled the old wires from most of the sections and separated all the beads, caps, chains, etc. into piles.  From  there I was able to lay out the necklace (several times) until I discovered an idea that worked well and came together nicely. 

However, not quite satisfied, I finally pulled out some tiny glass gold and black beads and used these to bookend the blue beads.  It was just what the necklace needed to give it some definition and a little more energy. 

I am loving the assemblage idea more and more and find myself with sketchbook in hand, making little drawings and writing down ideas for the next necklace I would like to put together.  It was great to 'pen myself' in to just using the eBay LOT - even though I searched out a few extras to add to it, this proved a fun way to stay on track and fortunately, kept my studio neat and tidy. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Items put in My Etsy shop at Praying with Beads

Hello Fellow Bloggers! 

I thought I'd share with you a few items I added to the Praying with Beads Etsy shop over the weekend.
Heart Line Bear Native American Prayer Beads
The Heart Line Bear is the pendant I chose for this set of prayer beads. The symbol of the Heartline was to signify life force. It represent the breath as the life force of the animal. The heartline is the inlaid shape of an arrow. This arrow is known as the lifeline or heart line which begins at the mouth where breathe gives life and points to the spirit where faith and inner strength reside. In native american cultures, the bear and the symbol signify that the warriors heart is strong like that of the bear.

The beads are made of Mosaic Turquiose which has the appeal of turquoise; however, this is a chalk turquoise and magnesite assembled together, dyed and stailized with resin which improves the luster.

This set of prayer beads are set up like Anglican Prayer Beads which has four Cruciform beads which represent the cross, four sets of seven days of the week beads, 1 large inventory bead and the Heartline Bear Symbol.

Below:  I chose the American Eagle as the pendant for this set of Prayer Beards.  The Native Americans consider the bald eagle and the golden eagle to be sacred. Eagles are the highest flying birds and they were seen to be nearer to the Creator. The Eagle symbol signifies courage, wisdom and strength. The eagle was believed to carry our prayers to the Great Spirit.

The eagle is a majestic bird and one of my favorites. Every time I catch a glimpse of one in a tree top or gliding across the sky, have to stop and watch...it comes as a blessing to me.

American Eagle Prayer Beads
I have also posted new Swarovski Crystal Rosaries to the site.  I love working with these pretty glittering beads.  They shine like little diamonds and as I work on a each decade, the glimmer grows and shines beneath the work lamp on my desk.  The other thing I love about using these in a rosary is how they feel in the hands; cupped in the palms, they are a delightful bead to touch and hold.  They are smooth between the fingers and so easy to use when reciting the rosary. 
These two rosaries are Birthstone Rosaries;  the blue is the September Sapphire.  The sapphire is said to represent truth and loyalty; to wear a sapphire shows devotion and faithfulness.  Not that you would wear this hand held rosary.  But it is always interesting to note what the gemstones meaning and symbolism are.  As for the next rosary; this is June's Birthstone - Alexandrite.  June has two other birthstones; the moonstone and the pearl.  Alexandrite is associated with good luck. It is believed to strengthen the intuition and creativity of the wearer. Alexandrite it believed to create balance between the physical and spiritual world. 

I will let you decide whether any of these myths and lore are fact or fiction about these gemstones.  I just like to read the stories about them and share a few little tidbits of the information.

Well, I hope you'll stop by my shop. I posted 14 new items over the weekend.  Even some vintage (1950"s) children's missals and prayer books and a couple of vintage necklaces.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Big Changes Coming to this Blog....

Since my father passed away a month ago; big changes are occurring in my life.  I miss my dad dearly in these early weeks after his death and cannot imagine this will change in the future.

My life though is mysteriously moving in a new direction; although I continue with my artistic endeavors such as painting, sewing and crafting...I am led toward a new goal and have opened up a shop called, Praying with Beads.

While the old shops, Angelina's Trinkets and Angela Thoma Studio's will close by the end of this month, a new door has opened since the Praying with Beads shop has opened.  Here I will be repairing old rosaries and creating new rosaries, prayer beads, chaplets, jewelry, assemblage pieces and charms.  Later I will be adding vintage rosaries, jewelry, medals, crucifixes, crosses, and other vintage religious items.  Mom is even on board to help me create a few new things which will keep us busy over the course of this new year in both our lives. 

In this blog it will be my goal to share with you on a weekly basis; my rosary repairs, some rosary making ideas, newly created items that I will be posting to the Etsy shop, assemblage necklace pieces, finds at estate sales and interesting places I visit. There are so many other avenues opening up right now that I just have to place them into the "long term goals" area of my Business Plan.  But you will be the first to know when I post to the blog.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out the new post.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Photograph is under copyright by Angela L Thoma 2013 - img5907

Sometimes God gives us a rainbow
Other times, He gives us a sunrise "cloud" volcano

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Columbia River Sunrise at Art and Soul

Photograph is under Copyright 2013 Angela L Thoma

After all the rain earlier in the week;
a grand sunrise rose to greet us our last day of Art and Soul 2013. 

I took this off the restaurant balcony at the Red Lion on
the River in Portland, OR. where the retreat was held.


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Agate Beach ~ Tsunami Dock

Me and My Best Friend ~ For Life

I can't believe we finally got away from home for a weekend!  Here we are at Newport, Oregon.  We made it down to Agate Beach where the dock that washed ashore from the Tsunami in Japan arrived.  There were people all over and around, leaving and arriving to take a look at this large dock. 

I have to say, it was amazing to think of this dock making it all this way across the ocean and landing here in Oregon without one sighting from an aircraft or ship.  This thing is large, maybe 6.5' to 7' tall and long.  On the other hand, if you think about how vast the ocean is, the dock is small in comparison. 

The dock has since been worked on for removal and must be gone now.  It sure brought hundreds of people to the beach. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Take in a Deep Breath and Enjoy the View

Isn't this an awesome view?  Not only is it beautiful with all the layers of trees, but a place like this can lead to days of art and inspiration...and perhaps more importantly, relaxation of the spirit and soul.

I think getting out for a day of fun is one of the best things a person can do for themselves.  It's so important to take care of our own needs while we are in the midst of lives little (or big) ups and downs. 

On day I took this picture I was out geocaching with my sister and brother-in-law.  With geocaching you get to stop every so often to seek out a cache which also means that you have a bit of time to stop, take in a deep breath and enjoy an awesome view; it's a bit of exercise (geocaching) and a bit of relaxation (the view) all rolled up into one single event of the day. 

This day  lead to several new paintings, all abstracts, which is not my usual area of creativity. After I completed my paintings and heard some honest criticism; I found that I love the idea of painting an abstract and I feel like I finally understand why people fall in love with them and why artists choose this creative path.  For me, it's painting freely; taking a thought or an idea and allowing it to develop right on the canvas. 

Relaxing, enjoying a day of fun, taking time to 'take care' of  your own needs truly does lead to inspiration.  Find your 'soul' place, take in a deep breath, now relax and enjoy this moment.  It might lead you down the same path of creativity ~ to paint, write poetry, come up with some new ideas, cook a new meal ~ It's all individual for certain and I hope this little nudge will help you step away from the rush for just a little while.

Enjoy your Journey,  Angela